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Susin ITork (p) Ltd – India


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We specialize in providing the best & reliable flow control solutions in the most challenging environments.

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Mechanical Actuators

Group Catalog (pdf)
MAB Series Catalog-2023 (pdf)
MAW Series Catalog-2023 (pdf)
MTG Series Catalog-2023 (pdf)
ITG Series Catalog-2023 (pdf)

Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuator Series (pdf)
HD Series Catalog-2023 (pdf)
MAW Series Catalog-2023 (pdf)
MHD Series Catalog-2023 (pdf)

Electrical Actuators

ITQ Micro Series (pdf)
ITQ Heavy Duty Series (pdf)
IQL Series (pdf)
ITM Series (pdf)

Hydraulic Actuators

HLP Series (pdf)
KTC PA R4xx-EN R3 (pdf)
KTC PA R7-DE (pdf)