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Pneumatic Actuators

We specialize in providing the best & reliable flow control solutions in the most challenging environments.

Pneumatic Actuators Overview

Pneumatic actuators are devices used to convert compressed air into mechanical motion. They are commonly used in various industrial applications, including automation systems, valve and damper operations, and more. Pneumatic actuators are favored for their simplicity, reliability, and ability to deliver high force outputs.

Susin I-Tork India Private Limited specializes in the manufacturing of Scotch Yoke Rotary & Piston type Linear Actuators, ranging from the fundamental Aluminum PDS Series to the robust Steel IS/IC HD-Actuators, catering to diverse industrial needs across the globe. Our reputation as a leading brand in valve automation solutions is built on delivering reliable products and exceptional service.

Scotch-Yoke technology is well known to all users as the most suitable for Valves and damper operation as it produces higher torque at both end positions. 

In addition to our rotary actuators, Susin I-Tork excels in the production of pneumatic actuators designed for linear valve automation. These actuators are ideal for applications involving gate and globe valves, offering thrust outputs ranging from 1 KN to 1000 KN with NACE certification. Our products are SIL-3 and ATEX certified across all series, ensuring compliance with stringent safety and operational standards.

Among our specialized offerings is the micro-Pneumatic PLDS Series (MPLDS Series), crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy and equipped with standard Namur tubing. These actuators provide thrust outputs from 1 KN to 50 KN and feature a maximum stroke length of 16 inches, making them versatile solutions for various industrial applications.

At Susin I-Tork, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions through our PLDS Series, which includes both single-acting (fail close/fail open) and double-acting configurations. Our customized approach ensures that we meet the specific requirements of our clients, providing them with optimal performance and reliability in valve automation.

With a focus on innovation and quality, Susin I-Tork continues to set industry benchmarks, serving a global clientele with cutting-edge products and comprehensive automation solutions

Specification of Pneumatic Rotary & Linear actuators follow international standards for faster and easier mounting of accessories like Solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners etc. Ranges available are 10Nm through 1,50,000Nm in Double acting, and 5 Nm through 50,00Nm in spring return.

Max. operating temperature is -20ºC to 80ºC as standard (For higher and lower temperature applications please consult manufacturer before placing order). Mounting dimensions follow ISO5211, DIN3337, NAMUR, VDI/VDE3845, Drive shaft with various sizes and shaped female bore for valve shaft, Spring package pre-compressed for increased safety, extremely long service life and reliable performance Our Pneumatic Rotary & Linear actuators are designed to provide reliable and precise control in various industrial applications. Explore our Pneumatic series below.

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