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Susin Operations - Oman

Susin Groups with the decades of experience on providing the industrial valve automation solution and a huge installation base with its operations in India, UAE, Qatar & Europe, have been now stepped into the Oman market (which has one of the huge market potential among the middle east countries) in 2023 hands together with our Omanian Partner HEMT – A TASNNEA Company (Heavy Equipment Maintenance & Trading CO LLC).

Susin Groups has a unique strategy on the different industrial markets which gives us success in India by supporting the emerging process industries of Oil & Gas and water industries, in Qatar with Chilled water solutions and some of Oil & Gas projects and in UAE with District cooling plant. We differ from others with our remarkable history of providing market solution.

Susin Groups has been started in 2005 at Coimbatore, India with its everlasting Thaaraga Mantra that “Growing together with Customer Is The Real Success”. Our potential to forecast & understand the demands in the industries brings us to a market leader among the actuator manufacturer. Our global operations in supply and service made us to penetrate more into the industries and our long lasting relationship with our customers is our greatest asset. We have supplied our products in Oman market Our to Dalleel Petroleum, Sohar Power, Muscat Airport , Oman library and Royal Military Desalination Plant through our UAE Clients.

Major Supply Reference in Oman

We have our own product ranges to support all the industrial needs in terms of Pneumatic, Electrical, Electrohydraulic and Mechanical actuation. Our dedicated team in Engineering, Production & Quality works on the motive of delivering the right product with good quality and performance

Talking about Oman operations, We have a strong team for the Business Development, Certifications & Operations. Our strategical plan of getting the Oman end user approvals & our Regulus Business Module for Plant maintenance supporting the process industries will help us to enhance the business opportunities in the Oman industrial market to work on with various upcoming Oil & Gas and Water projects.

Our Oman Operations Team

Our Oman Partner HEMT has an advanced and comprehensive set up that offers  a one stop shop for design, manufacturing, repair and refurbishment of all mechanical and process equipment and products and services mainly for oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

HEMT workshop is located in NIZWA Industrial estate about 150Km from Muscat and represents a investment in engineering facilities, machine tooling and specialized equipment. HEMT has a well developed Quality Management System to confirm the company’s vision for improved over-all performance in delivering high quality products.

HEMT aim at providing the design, manufacturing and refurbishment of quality equipment & products servicing mainly to the oil and gas industry.

HEMT Specialization

Valve & Actuator Refurbishmen
Rig Maintenance
Design & Engineering

Our Oman partner HEMT is an approved DHV & CHN valve repair shop and undertake repairs of all types of valves such as ball, butterfly, float & choke valves etc.

Also, they are specialized in the manufacturing Manifolds, Pressure Vessels, Oil storage tanks and related process equipment’s.

HEMT’s well equipped team & its services towards the industries in terms of manufacturing, maintenance, testing and integration is an added advantage to us for promoting them as our VAC partner in OMAN as well. They have the fully advanced machining workshop to carry out all types of related jobs


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